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Have any questions about our glass fencing products?

Below are some frequently asked questions about glass fencing solutions in Adelaide.

100mm is the maximum distance between the fence and the ground. Please note that the ground surface under the fence and gate needs to be suitably stabilised. (Materials such as wooden sleepers, brick paving, etc can he bedded into the soft ground).  
Any durable material that satisfies the strength requirements of the Australian Standard and is not climbable. Materials such as timber, steel, glass, fibre cement or a combination of these can be used.  
If your boundary fence forms part of the pool fence, a minimum height of 1800mm high on the pool side must apply.
Yes. In all cases a Swimming pool is required to be fenced to restrict access from the house, the street and adjoining properties. If the pool was installed after the 1st July 1992, you need a fence between the house and the pool. If you do not wish to place a fence between the house and the pool, you may restrict windows of the house.  
Yes, if they are located outside the fence within a 1.2 m radius from the top of the fencing and reduce the safety of the fence, they need to be removed, relocated or adapted to suit. Horizontal climbable objects / surfaces inside the fence must be at least 300mm away from the fence.
If the walls of the pool comply with the requirements of a pool fence under the Australian Standard, an additional fence is not required. However, any steps or supports to the pool will need to be fenced. If the above ground pool is less than 1200mm high, a fence will be required.  
Your pool is required to be fenced prior to the pool being filled with water, more than 300mm deep. We recommend temporary fencing until your glass fence is installed, for all your temporary fencing needs contact Mark Hawkins, Hawk Constructions, 0408 816 929, markhawkins@rainwise.com.au.
Yes, we install concrete footings and then install as per tile & concrete.
Yes. Holes need to be core drilled through the tile and concrete. The posts are then fastened into these using a special cement based grout.
Yes. The posts will require decking base plates attached to them to facilitate attachment to the timber decking. Standard decking alone cannot hold the weight of glass fencing. We install significant timber subframes to cope with the weight. Best to discuss this before having your decking built.
Our gates are 800mm, 850mm and 900mm. A standard door opening in a house is 800mm.
As of November 2010, direct access from a house door onto the pool area is no longer allowed, not even with selfclosers and child resistant latches. The only exception is when the door is less than 1.8m from the pool edge and this only relates to pool approved prior to July 1993. Other than this doors are strictly not allowed to form part of a pool barrier. See Minister's Specification SA 76D November 2010 - Swimming Pool Safety 
Please fill out our quote form and we'll get back to you by the next business day with estimate pricing. When you're ready, we'll come to site to meet you and do an exact measure. Request a Quote
Depending on your location and fence requirements, you can expect delivery of your pool fence from 14 to 21 working days from when the order is placed. 10 working days is our normal delivery time. Installation will be as soon after the glass arrives as possible. Spring and Summer are our busiest months, and sometimes longer lead times can occur.
We have a team of professional installers that are used to handling glass every day. Our senior tradesmen are well skilled perfectionists with years of experience in the building and construction industry. Our guys are on time, professional, trustworthy, surprisingly tidy and great blokes to have around.
The gate exceeds the Australian Standard. Our Pool Safety Latch is positioned in such a way that it is extremely hard for young children to gain access to your pool. We also offer a lockable latch.
The glass is Clear Toughened Safety Glass. The glass is made to Australian Standards. It is very strong and impact resistant. If, in the highly unlikely instance a piece of the glass does break, it will do so, into many small and therefore less harmful pieces. We have never had a client break a piece of glass.
The standard height requirement is 1200mm. Our fences have a finished height of around 1250mm.
We see it as our obligation to ensure you pass your Council Certification. We're proficient with the Australian Standards for pool fencing. Local Councils follow the Australian Standards guidelines. It is always recommended to double check with your Local Council for any special requirements.
Absolutely! All our fences comply with Australian standards for Pool Fencing and in some cases exceeds them.