Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum gap between the fence and the ground?
100mm is the maximum distance between the fence and the ground. The surface under the fence and gate needs to be solid.

What materials can be used to construct the fence?

Any durable material that satisfies the strength requirements of the Australian Standards and is not climbable. Materials such as timber, steel, glass, cement sheeting or a combination of these can be used. 

What height does the boundary fence need to be?

If your boundary fence forms part of the pool fence, a minimum height of 1800mm high on the pool side must apply. 

Do I need to put a fence around my swimming pool or spa?

Yes. In all cases a swimming pool must be fenced to restrict access from the house, the street adn adjoining properties.

Climbable objects near the fence, such as trees, pool filters etc.

If they are located outside the 900mm climbzone. If objects are within the climbzone they must be modified to suit.

Do i need to fence an above ground pool?

If the walls of the pool comply with the Australian Standards, additional fencing is not required. However, any steps or supports to the pool will need to be fenced. If the above ground pool is less than 1200mm high, a fence is required.

When does my pool need to be fenced?

Your pool is required to be fenced prior to the pool being filled with water. We recommend temporary fencing until your glass fence is installed. 

Can the fence go into my garden bed or lawn?

Yes, we will install a concrete strip footings and install the glass into the footing.


Can the fence be installed on concrete and pavers or tiles?

Yes. Holes need to be core drilled through the tile and concrete. The core drill spigots are then secured with quick set non-shrink grout.

Can the fence be installed onto timber decking?

Yes. On decking we use base plated spigots and attached them to the timber deck. Timber decking sub-frame is required to support the weight and add strength to the fixing points. Best to discuss this sub-frame work prior to building the deck. We're happy to work with your chippy on these requirements.

What size is the gate?

750mm, 800mm or 900mm are the standard gate sizes. We mostly use 800mm, the same as a standard door opening.

Can i have a door from my house directly onto the pool area?

As of November 2010, direct access from the house onto the pool are is no longer allowed, not even with self-closers and child resistant latches. The only exception is when the door is less than 1.8m from the pool edge and this only relates to pools approved prior to July 1993. Other than this, doors are strictly not allowed to form par of a pool barrier.

How long will it take to get my pool fence?

Usually 2 weeks after sign off on the final design layout. Some times sooner if the install is urgent, and sometimes longer particularly in our busy season of Spring and Summer. 

Who installs the fence?

We have a team of professional installers who are used to handling glass every day. Our senior tradesmen are well skilled perfectionists with years of experience in the building and construction industry. Our guys are on time, professional, trustworthy, surprisingly tidy and great blokes to have around.

What height is the pool fence?

The standard height requirement is a minimum of 1200mm. Our fences have a finished height of approx 1250mm

Are the gates self-closing and can they lock?

Yes. All our gates are self-closing and we recommend Premium soft closing hinges so the gate doesn't slam. You can add a lock if you prefer.

Does the pool fence comply with Local Council requirements? 

We see it as our obligation to install a fence that is compliant and ensure it will pass Council certification. We are proficient with the Australian standards for pool fencing. We can also recommend private certifiers if your require a certificate.

Does the pool fence comply with Australian Standards?

Absolutely! All our fences comply with Australian Standards for pool fencing.